Would YOU like guidance and accountability to reach YOUR fatloss, fitness or strength goals? Does a specific training program to fit with your schedule sound important and appealing to you as you transform your body and your lifestyle?

Or do you just want me to take out all the guess work and just provide you with what you need to do in terms of exercise and nutrition on a daily basis, bespoke to your needs?

Want an expert to create a plan for you and then give you that ‘kick’ to ensure YOU do it?

YOUR own guaranteed body transformation success. Satisfaction guaranteed.



When you invest in this package you will receive a personalised holistic lifestyle programme: including nutrition, workout, habit forming, goal setting and lifestyle overhaul, access to a private FB group, and one consult per month.

Working with Lisa really helped me to rethink how I was eating and working out. I had got stuck in a cycle and couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong. Lisa was very supportive and took lots of time to help me see where I needed to make changes, suggested a new approach and I started to see some great results. Would highly recommend it if you need to rethink your food and lifestyle and need someone to kick your ass along the way!.”

Rebecca Boulton - Simply Nutrition

A Proven Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan that guarantees results for Fatloss

It's time to listen to your body and tap into its natural fat burning ability, kick start that metabolism and get you lean, strong and curvy.

Fun, Fast, Fatloss with Kettlebell Workouts

Embracing your inner warrior goddess to build a lean and curvy body that is your life's vehicle to overcome any struggles or challenges you might face, and maybe feel a little kick ass doing it!

A Word From Lisa Barwise

“My mission is to truly empower women in their quest for their own inner strength so that they may be able to pursue their dreams and goals, to have the strength to speak up, stand strong and carve out what they want in the world. ”